Our dedicated team of melanographers are available to provide on-site skin checks for corporate clients.



Our dedicated team of melanographers are available to provide onsite skin checks for corporate companies.

We are delighted to say that we have been welcomed on site by many corporate companies and we would like to thank them for their support. We look forward to continuing to build a strong vibrant partnership with them going forward.

Your support of Claris services means everything, as it’s all about “Saving Lives Together”

What is on Offer

  • The convenience of an onsite skin check
  • High quality of care and expertise at affordable prices
  • Full body Skin Check + full body photography + mole mapping + Report
  • Continuation of care, should you require any surgery or further treatment
  • We can cover multiple locations within Auckland and nation wide
  • Professional, caring and empathetic, very personable

  • As a part of our Health& Wellness programme we decided to bring to our company the services of Claris Group. Our employees had a skin check done on site which we found extremely professional and useful. This not only raise the awareness on prevention and detection of skin cancer but also gave our company members knowledge and useful tips to have a more careful approach regarding skin care


To book Claris Care for an onsite skin check or for more information please contact
or call 09 320 4416

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