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Claris Group provides a wide range of services and solutions for your skin health needs.

Comprehensive skin checks Full Body Photography and Mole Tracking

Our skin checks begin with a detailed overview of your skin, focusing on your main areas of concern. This is followed by a thorough head-to-toe examination of your skin with a dermatoscope.

Full Body Photography and identification of moles and lesions are recorded for future tracking with our Dermengine software technology and FotoFinder ATMB system.

We will clearly explain any findings and recommend the best course of action going forward. We will also educate you on the self-examination of your skin – a skill that could potentially save your life.

Advanced Diagnostic Technology

At Claris Group, we use MoleMate SIMSYS advanced diagnostic technology to scan skin lesions for early signs of skin cancer.

Following an initial full body skin check our certified female dermoscopists will use this device on any moles of concern.  The device emits light which interacts with all the layers of the skin providing detailed information of each layer and accurate information on the suspicious mole.

The scans are safely stored in individual patient clinical records, and they can be used for comparison with future skin checks in our clinic or the work place.

The technology is FDA approved and is widely used in Australia and across the globe, with clinical trials showing impressive results.

Specialist surgical services

Claris Group performs a broad range of surgical treatments including:

  • Diagnostic excision biopsies
  • Incisional biopsies
  • Punch biopsies
  • Shave biopsies
  • Diathermy and curettage of skin lesions
  • Skin flap reconstruction
  • Skin graft reconstruction
  • Cosmetic unwanted mole and skin tag removal

Specialist non-surgical services

Topical treatments allow our patients the option of non-invasive procedures where necessary.

Our specialist registered nurse also runs a clinic exclusively on skin cancer education, prevention and non-surgical treatment modalities.


METVIX DAYLIGHT Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)

Photodynamic therapy is a painless treatment option for patients suffering from sun spots or actinic keratosis involving vast areas.

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