Love to Live: The Importance of Skin Health

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Cupid’s come and gone, but the love continues to linger. Losing your loved ones is a tough scenario to think about so we often avoid it, but paying attention to awful yet real possibilities is the first step to preventing them from occurring. If you haven’t booked a routine skin check and mole check yet, now is a good time to do it for both you and your loved ones. Show you care about their health and wellbeing with an appointment at Claris Group.

Claris Group Comprehensive Skin Check

It is recommended you go in for a skin check every year. Our comprehensive skin checks begin with a detailed history and thorough head-to-toe examination of your skin, focusing on your main areas of concern. This is followed by full body photography with FotoFinder ATBM, full body mapping with DermEngine technology, and mole tracking with our Mole Scanner, a non-invasive and painless procedure that provides 99.9% accuracy with all skin cancer types.

The FotoFinder ATBM system works alongside DermEngine, one of the most advanced systems in digital mole tracking technology. This excellent digital tool provides detailed photographic imaging without the hassle of printing material or remembering login details, and our Mole Scanning technology provides accurate readings, allowing us to provide instant results within 2 seconds  so you know if you need surgery or not, as well as reducing unnecessary operations and follow ups.

You should do a self skin examination every 3 months, and if you notice an abnormal mole or lesion, please give us a call and get your concerns addressed by one of our skin health providers.

Checking at Home

In between checks at the clinic, check your skin and moles at home. There are two strategies to use when trying to detect signs of melanoma.


  • A The mole is asymmetrical.
  • B The mole has an uneven border.
  • C The mole is not a consistent colour.
  • D The mole is bigger than 6mm in diameter.
  • E The mole evolves or changes in any way.

The Ugly Duckling

The method behind this is to compare your moles with each other. If any mole stands out or looks significantly different from the surrounding moles, it’s the ugly duckling and should be checked by a doctor immediately.

Live a Long, Healthy & Happy Life

At the end of the day, it’s about spending more time with the ones you love. Skin cancer is preventable and treatable when diagnosed at an early stage, which is why it’s so important to use sunscreen, avoid harsh sunlight when possible, and see a skin specialist regularly. Don’t let neglect break your heart! If you have any questions or concerns about skin health, contact us sooner rather than later.

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