Our Clinical Team

Dr Maria DS Reeves

Skin Cancer Surgeon 

Experienced Dermoscopist and Mole Analyst 

Dr Reeves has extensive experience in mole analysis, having diagnosed hundreds of  melanomas.

Dr Reeves dedication and commitment to save lives is the foundation of her success in the skin cancer industry, both in the private sector and corporate industry. She personally provides skin cancer screening services in her private practice as well as to small, medium and large business.

Dr Reeves is the founder of Claris Group and [email protected]

Elisha Brillo RN

BSC, NZRN MoleMate SIMSYS Analyst

Specialist Registered Nurse

Originally from the Philippines, Elisha has extensive experience in Theatre Nursing and has worked in both the public and private sectors in both countries Philippines and New Zealand.

She has developed an interest in Mole Analysis combined with her surgical experience, she understands well the interaction between technology and clinical diagnosis.

Elisha provides the Mole Scan clinic at Claris Group and [email protected]

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