Press Release: Claris Group Recommend You Check Your SPF Products Before the Summer Months

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The unfortunate truth is not all SPF products can be trusted. We broke down the different types of skin cancers and suggested ways to check SPF products to have a safe summer. View the press release here or read it below.


Claris Group specialise in affordable, high-quality skin checks, and they advise that there’s no better time to replenish your SPF products than in the weeks leading up to the summer holiday. They also recommend you check the expiry dates, shake the bottles, and if you need to stock up on sun protection, check out their very comprehensive list of the top 10 SPF products on their website at .

There’s so much talk about skin cancer, but specific details are usually avoided; however, being properly informed can help you prepare for the unexpected and take precautionary action. Skin cancer is one of the most common yet preventable cancers in New Zealand, with approximately 60 people diagnosed every day. There are two main types of skin cancers: non-melanoma and melanoma, and many ways to treat them.

Non-melanoma skin cancers can be serious but are generally not life threatening. There are two main types of non-melanoma skin cancers: basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma.

Basal Cell Carcinoma is the most common type of skin cancer in New Zealanders, with an estimated 40% of Kiwis developing it during their lifetime. Squamous Cell Carcinomais the second most common type of skin cancer. Squamous cells grow quickly and can spread to nearby lymph nodes.

Melanoma is a rare type of skin cancer and is the most dangerous and is most commonly found in adults. In men, melanoma is most often found on the area from the shoulders to the hips, or the head or neck. In women, melanoma is often found on the arms or legs. If you are concerned about a mole, bump or any other abnormalities in the skin, visit the Claris Group for professional advice. It’s recommended to have an annual skin check, however some may need one more often than that, especially if recently diagnosed with melanoma.  

If you have any concerns about your skin this summer, it would be advisable to see a skin specialist at Claris Group. They provide quality skin checks and can offer professional advice about skin protection.

Claris Group would like to wish you all a Happy Christmas and a wonderful 2018!

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